Our intent is to be very inclusive and to seek partners from the government, university, non-profits, private and commercial sectors with a like-minded interest in getting youth and families reconnected with nature.  Our goal through this network of partners is that collectively we will have a positive statewide impact on conservation stewardship, health, school performance and society. This will be accomplished by following strict guiding principles and emphasizing a central brand and messages.

Partners are not required to make a specific cash or in-kind contribution. Partnership represents an agreement with our mission, willingness to participate under our brand, and abide by the guiding principles in the Governance Plan. To become an official partner for your group, please register using the online Partner Application Form.

Guiding Principles:
All Get Outdoors Florida! sanctioned activities should:

  • Be safe for all participants
  • Be accessible and inclusive
  • Be fun and enjoyable
  • Provide opportunities for learning and discovery
  • Contribute to mental and physical health and well being
  • Be environmentally sustainable
  • Provide opportunities for environmental service
  • Build a sense of stewardship among participants
  • Build respect for all activities that are consistent with these principles
  • Display the Get Outdoors Florida! Logo and distribute appropriate materials
  • Be scheduled on the Get Outdoors Florida! Web site and report results (at minimum attendance via the Web site)

Join with us today by completing the official Partner Application Form