Our intent is to be very inclusive and to seek partners from the government, university, non-profits, private and commercial sectors with a like-minded interest in getting youth and families reconnected with nature.  Our hope is this network of partners, by following strict guiding principles and emphasizing a central brand and messages, will have a positive statewide impact on conservation stewardship, health, school performance and society.

Partner Resources:

The list below contains initial contacts that have indicated interest in our efforts, but not necessarily signed on as official partners, unless the "YES" column is marked.  At this point, partners are not required to make a specific cash or in-kind contribution. Partnership represents an agreement with our mission, willingness to participate under our brand and abide by the guiding principles in the Governance Plan. To become an official partner for your group, please complete this form and submit it, or send us an e-mail with information on who you represent and how you would like to be involved.

  Title First Last Company
  Mr. Joseph Abel Seminole County Leisure Services
  Mr. Rich Abrams FWC, Division of Marine Fisheries Management
  Ms. Georgia Ackerman The Wilderness Way
  Ms. Lauren Aiello Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  Ms. Rachel Arndt Tampa Bay Watch
  Ms. VieVie Baird Florida Department of Education
  Mr. Kenny Barker Beau Turner Youth Conservation Camp
  Ms. Ali Baylor Golden Rainbow Ranch
  Ms. Kristen Beck Kayaks Etc.
  Mr. Al Bernetti Teen Anglers
  Mr. Bill Bibby FWC, Fund Raising
  Ms. Karen Blyler 4-H Sportfishing
  Mr. Brett Boston Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc.
  Mr. Will Bradford Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc.
  Ms. Becky Bragg Canoe Outpost--Peace River
  Mr. Richard Brochu Florida Fishing Academy
  Mr. Harvey Campbell Florida's Suwannee River Valley
  Ms. Kitty Carroll Birds of Prey
  Mr. Michael Cassidy BASS/ESPN
  Mr. Chris Castro I.D.E.A.S.
  Mr. Stephen Caton Fishing for Success/UF
  Ms. Lori Ceier Walton Outdoors
  Dr. Chuck Cichra University of Florida
  Mr. Mike Christensen Pass It On
  Mr.  Bill Cline FWC, Division of Hunting and Game Management
  Mr. Marvin Cook Everglades Trail
  Ms. Dolly Cummings Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center
  Dr. Jaret Daniels Florida Museum of Natural History
  Ms. Cindy Davidson Youth Environmental Alliance
  Ms. Susan Davis Leon County Senior Outreach
  Mr. Russell Daws Tallahassee Museum
    Pat Del Vecchio Youth Fishing Foundation
  Ms. Linda Demetropoulos University of Florida
  Ms. Valerie Dennis Mead Botanical Garden
  Ms. Jacqui Dingman Hook the Future
  Ms. Sarah Doddinton Capital Health Plan
  Mr. Lou Dombrova Snook Foundation
  Ms. Megan Donoghue Florida Trail Association
  Mr. Jeff Doran Florida Forest Association
    J.E. Doughney Palm Beach Gardens
  Ms. Amy Durand Pathfinder Education, Inc.
  Mr. Michael Edwards Spectrum Healthcare Resources
  Ms. Alicia Eidam Orange County Parks & Recreation Department
  Mr. Chuck  Echenique Rebel Yelp Outfitters
  Mr. Doug Engh Easton-Newberry Sports Complex
  Dr. Allison Finley
  Ms. Sandra Friend Florida Hikes
  Mr. Erik Gaines WTWC-40 (Tallahassee, NBC)
  Ms. Connie Gee MedVision
  Ms. Susan Gellens Early Childhood Association of Florida
  Ms. Judy Gillan FWC, Office of Community Relations
  Ms. Anne Glick FWC, Office of Recreational Services
  Ms. Jennifer Golden Tallahassee Museum
  Capt. Pete Greenan Florida Council Federation of Fly Fishers
  Ms. Lynn Grimes Linders Foundation
  Ms. Neta Harris Brevard Nature Alliance
  Ms. Lou Ann Hawes Coon's Run Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.
  Ms. Lori Haynes Project WILD
  Ms. Beverly Hill Northwest Florida Outdoor Adventure
  Mr. Chris Horton BASS/ESPN Outdoors
  Mr. Carl Howard Orange County Public Schools
  Ms.  Mary Margaret Hull Southwest Florida Water Management District
  Mr. Greg Ira Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  Ms. Cindy Johnson Suwannee River Water Management District
  Mr. David Jones Florida Disabled Outdoors Association
  Dr. David Jones Capital Health Plan, Physician
  Ms. Frances Keiser Pelican Pete (Author)
  Ms. Jessica Kemper Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  Ms. Kahlil Kettering National Parks Conservation Association
  Ms. Lara Kramer The Florida Foundation for Responsible Angling 
  Mr. Rob Kramer IGFA
  Ms. Sandy Larrison Hardee County Chamber of Commerce
  Ms. Jo Landrito Florida Department of Health
  Mr. Cory Burke Livingston Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Florida State University
  Ms. Laurie LoRe-Gussak Florida Disabled Outdoors Association
  Mr. Danny Lyons Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs
  Ms. Laurie MacDonald Florida Defenders of Wildlife
  Ms. Nonie Maines Choctawhatchee Audubon Society
  Mr. Steve Marshall FWC, Division of Freshwater Fisheries
  Mr. Eric Mason Florida Trail Association
  Ms. Susan Matthews U.S. Forest Service
  Ms. Tiffany McCaskill VISIT FLORIDA
  Mr. Daniel McKeague Florida Trail Association
  Ms. Fran Mele City of Longwood
  Ms. Rebecca Means Remote Footprints
  Ms. Meghan Mick From the Ground Up
  Ms. JoNell Modys Paradise Coast
  Ms. Sabrina Moore Florida Department of Children and Families
  Mr. Mark Miller City of Apopka
  Ms. Michelle Mitchell U.S. Forest Service
  Dr. Martha Monroe University of Florida
  Mr. David Moody U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, St. Marks
  Ms. Katrina Morrell Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program
  Mr. Lee Murphy Eglin AFB Recreational Program
  Ms. Theresa Myers The Henry Nehlring Society
  Mr. Robert O'Bryant Mahogany Youth Corporation
  Mr. Prasan O'Connor TLC Child Care Center of Sarasota, Inc.
  Ms. Jennifer Oetting Project LIFE/DEP
  Ms. Sallie O'Hara A1A Scenic Byway Program
  Ms. Georgann Penson Northwest Florida Water Management District
  Mr. Sam Porco Youth Fishing Foundation
  Ms. Rosemary Prince FSU Event Management Certificate Program 
  Ms. Denise Rains U.S. Forest Service
  Dr. Robert Raze S.P. College
  Mr. Brian Rehwinkel Office of Boating Safety
  Mr. Dave Rich Space Coast Paddling/Hiking/Birding
  Mr. Bill Richards Paddle Florida
  Mr. Shorty Robbins City of Jacksonville
  Mr. Preston Robertson Florida Wildlife Federation
  Mr. Scott Robinson Florida Parks Division
  Mr. Mark Rogge Kids Fishing
  Mr. Tom Royal Florida Impressions
  Ms. Gina Sauber A Time Remembered
  Ms. Leah Sandridge Big Brothers Big Sisters
  Ms. Christina Scally The E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center
  Mr. Lee Schlesinger FWC, Division of Marine Fisheries Management
  Ms. JoAnn Schmalfuss YMCA, Camp Indian Springs
  Ms. Christy Schultz The Nature Teacher
  Mr. Len Schwenneker Ducks Unlimited
  Mr. Larry Scovotto Friends of Florida State Forests
  Ms. Jenny Seitz League of Environmental Educators
  Ms. Debra Self Okaloosa Child Care Services
  Ms. Jennifer Sellars Sagaponack Books
  Mr. Garth Smelser U.S. Forest Service
  Mr. Brandon Smith Brevard Parks
  Mr. Rodney Smith Anglers for Conservation
  Ms. Sue Ann Smith Wildwood Resort
  Ms. Liz Sparks FWC. Office of Recreational Services
  Ms. Vanessa Spero University of Florida, 4H
  Ms. Helen Spivey Sierra Club
  Dr. Taylor Stein University of Florida
  Mr. Lane Stephens Allied Sportsmen's Association of Florida
  Mr. Shaun Stewart Future Farmers of America/DACS
  Mr. Jim Stewart College Bass Fishing Series
  Ms. Bonnie Stine DACS, Division of Forestry
  Ms. Lori Stout Florida News Network/Clear Channel
  Mr. William Sullivan Florida Wild Turkey Federation
  Ms. Julie Anne Tabone Alachua Conservation Trust
  Ms. Arisa  Teasley Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation
  Ms. Deb Thielen Solution Source for Non Profits
  Ms. Julia Thompson Seminole County Leisure Services
  Ms. Eileen Tramontana St. Johns River Water Management District
  Mr. Chad Truxall Marine Discovery Center
  Mr. Stacy Twiggs BASS
  Mr. Joe Tyberghein Southwest Florida Water Management District
  Ms. Michelle Ubben Ron Sachs Communications
  Ms. Kriss Vallese Florida Children's Services Council
  Ms. Nancy Vaughan BBBSAF
  Ms. Mia Wade The Southeastern Wood Producers Association Inc
    Kelly Wagner Florida Eco Safaris
  Mr. Ian Waldron All Rec Solutions
  Mr. John Waldron DACS, Division of Forestry
  Ms. Rae Waddell Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center
  Ms. Lisa Ward YMCA, Camp Indian Springs
  Ms. Eleanor Warmack Florida Recreation and Park Association
  Ms. Jane Waters Get REEL Florida
  Mr. Mike Watkins Big Bend Community Based Care
  Ms. Pamela Watson
  Mr. Bob Wattendorf FWC, Division of Freshwater Fisheries
  Mr. Fred Wiechmann Lakeland Christian Schools
  Ms. Nichole Wilder Florida Department of Education
  Ms. Robin  Will U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, St. Marks NWR
  Mr. Scott Willis Suncoast Earth Force
  Mr. Nick Williams Florida Defenders of the Environment
  Mr. Darrin Wilson Trips for Kids Tampa
  Mr. Kenneth Winsten Brevard Zoo
  Ms. Julie Wraithmell Audubon Society of Florida
  Mr. Jason Zaborske Children's Week
  Mr. Brian Zielinski National Wild Turkey Federation

Guiding Principles:
All Get Outdoors Florida! sanctioned activities should:

  • Be safe for all participants
  • Be accessible and inclusive
  • Be fun and enjoyable
  • Provide opportunities for learning and discovery
  • Contribute to mental and physical health and well being
  • Be environmentally sustainable
  • Provide opportunities for environmental service
  • Build a sense of stewardship among participants
  • Build respect for all activities that are consistent with these principles
  • Display the Get Outdoors Florida! Logo and distribute appropriate materials
  • Be scheduled on the Get Outdoors Florida! Web site and report results (at minimum attendance via the Web site.